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Children of KDAP-MEA “ESTIA” and “PNOI” on a wonderful trip to Rhodes

The children of “ESTIA” and “PNOI” foundation had the opportunity to enjoy a unique trip on October 29th 2019, which was offered by Mrs. Carolien Brix […]

Butterfly Valley: The gem of Rhodian nature.

The Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes is known worldwide as a shelter for thousands of butterflies during the summer. It is packed with dense vegetation, breathtaking […]

Roam through the ruined Italian Mansions in middle Rhodes.

Part of our Jeep Safari or Polaris Experience Tour is driving through a beautiful route, where we reach Profitis Ilias. It is the third biggest mountain […]

How a Scuba Diving Session looks like.

Everybody knows what it is, but not everybody has done it. A must for the adventurous ones amongst us! Combine it with a private boat tour […]

All about Rhodes!

A while ago, when it was rainy and cold here in Brussels (like always most of the time), we decided that it was time to start […]

Attavyros Mountain

Attavyros is the tallest mountain and overlooks several small villages in the area. It is located between the Agios Isidoros village and the Embonas. This lush […]

Explore the medieval Castle of Kritinia in South Rhodes.

Have you ever wondered how cool would it be to explore an abandoned medieval Castle on the edge of the island? Locals built this magnificent Venetian […]
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