Rhodes Adventures Team | Meet our team in Rhodes Island

Rhodes Adventures Team. We are a group of happy, a bit crazy and friendly people that will do everything in our power to give you a great day out! Join us on one of our tours and meet the team:


Carolien loves extreme sports! Willing to try anything once, her sport activities include: kyokushin karate, diving, off-roads driving, horseback riding, fast motorbikes, climbing, sky diving and kite surfing... there's probably more she hasn't yet mentioned!


The big guy, can't miss him... Always with a smile...You can find him anywhere during the season. Climbing, trekking, driving or mostlikely he will be your host at your rented property or climbing guide. Want to meet him? Check out his website www.stayonrhodes.com


Our expert climber. He walks up against the climbing wall like it is nothing. If not climbing, you'll find him climbing jeeps on one of our tours. Again one of our all-rounders you will meet during one of our trips.


Manuela is Multifunctional! She drives, does the office, treks, climbs and dives on our other available tours. So, if you have any problems during your holidays, you call Manuela! (That's what we do anyways...)


Our alround Aussie! You'll find him at Climbing, Land Rovers and Self driving tours. Lot's of fun, always in for a chit chat. He is not as dangerous as he looks in the morning. I can guarantee you'll have a good day out. Never a dull moment with Joe!


Hmmm.... Giannis is a whole different story on its own. He's great fun to ride with, but you have to be waterproof. Giannis' car WILL be in the wetzone. In the winter (off-season) we all love Giannis;)


Our dive instructor. Mostly under the water or at least on top of the water. If not near to the sea you will find him in the mountains with his Land Rover or on his mountain bike. Don't be scared to trust your kids to him to make their first dive of their life. They'll love it!


Wonna laugh all day? See some special Michael Jackson moves? You should be on safari with Stavros... This friendly father of two is local and can tell you anything about the island. Want to book a private tour? Stavros will show you the most amazing places on the island.


Tommy.... Our Mascotte:) Tommy is our all-rounder. You can find him on every tour! We try to keep him away from the Jeep Tours, because he might make you wait for 15 minutes while chasing the goats. Tommy loves everybody, but especially your kids;) (and the kids love him)


The most important man in our lives... The mechanic.We can not live without Manolis. Sometimes we believe he is following us all day. Wherever we are, whenever it is, he will just pop-up and fix our car!

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