For some, a vacation is a respite from work, unplugging from routine and powering down. For others, vacation time is an opportunity for activity and exploration. Rhodes Adventures’ 4x4 Buggy Adventure provides the ultimate off-road trip with our Polaris RZR.

Prices for Polaris Experience

Adults and Children: 90 euros p.p.

Price includes VAT 24%, gasoline, public liability, honey and souma tasting.

Meet Us At

Meet us at the EKO gas station / Gregory Cafeteria near Soroni. Use the link below:

Rent a Polaris Buggy

Explore the island in your own Polaris. Rent an open Polaris Buggy or an airconditioned Jeep to explore the beauty of Rhodes on your own. Visit little villages and points of interest. For off-roading and live the rural nature of the island, join us on a tour!

Inquire for prices and availability!

4x4 Buggy Adventure!

Rhodes Adventures is the only supplier on the island of Rhodes offering the unique and completely original ‘Polaris Experience’ as a tour. Consisting of a playful off-road experience within the beautiful Rhodian hidden tracks, this tour optimizes the amazing viewpoints on the island and is complimented with a tasting stop. The duration of the tour is 3 hours and runs during the day or in the afternoon where you get the chance to enjoy the breathtaking sunset of Rhodes. To be eligible to drive, our guests need to have their driving license and be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Drive your own Polaris Buggy

Rhodes off the beaten tracks! Vacation time is an opportunity for activities and exploration. Rhodes Adventures’ 4x4 Buggy Adventure provides the ultimate off-road trip with our Polaris RZR 570.
The Buggy Adventure is a playful off-road trip with beautiful nature, amazing views and a tasting stop. We use the Polaris RZR - 570cc, a great off-road vehicle for 2 persons.
To be allowed to drive you need to have your driving license and be at least 18 years old. The tour includes local products tasting, fruits & snacks.


Privatise your Polaris

Privatise your Polaris for 70€ the empty seat. In case you are alone or a party of uneven number and prefer not to share your Polaris. In case you like to join our 3-seater lead Polaris, contact us per email or by phone.


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