Rock Climbing and Rappel

Adventure, Action, Scenery, Fun, Suspension, Victory, Beauty…. You can have it all on our Rock Climbing Adventure. This tour is an active day out. It is designed for middle-age, youngsters and families. You can make it as difficult as you choose, surrounded by beautiful scenery. A trip not to forget...

Prices from North

Adult: 65 euros
Children: 45 euros
Passenger: 30 euros

Price includes 24% VAT, pick up and drop off from the hotel (West from Rhodes Town to Fanes, East from Rhodes Town to Kolimbia), climbing gear, picnic with food and water.

Prices from South

Adult: 70 euros
Children: 50 euros
Passenger: 35 euros

Price includes 24% VAT, pick up and drop off from the hotel, climbing gear, picnic with food and water.

Program Rock Climbing

Pick up will be from the hotel or at the arranged pick up point. After arriving at Ladiko there is a small walk through the mountains, along the coast, approximately 5 minutes. Arriving on the spot there will be a safety briefing, explanation of the gear and information about how the program will look like. When everybody is ready we will start with rock climbing, called 'top rope'. There will be several routes to climb, all next to each other. While climbing the clients will be secured and be wearing a safety helmet at all time, experienced or not. While climbing this wall, there will be water and fruits available for the client as well as a fresh sandwich.

After getting familiar with climbing the wall, there is an option to do a big rappel in front of a beautiful cave. To get to the starting point of the rappel there will be a 20 minutes hike. This is how we close the day. From here we walk back for about 10 minutes and bring the customers to their hotel.

Approximate Duration: 5-6 hours
Dress code: Comfortable with non – slippery, closed shoes.

Discount and Special Price

There is a discount for children and a special price for passengers: partners/ friends or family that would like to join the climber(s). Food & drinks are included in the price for everybody.


max height that you can climb on a climbing wall


meters mountain top rappel

+30 69747 31450
or +30 69414 29595