There is a way, to ‘truly’ experience the island. Have a fantastic time driving one of our off-road vehicles! On this tour, Rhodes Adventures will take you to places you would never be able to see otherwise. You will be given an unusual and intimate look at the many facets this island has to offer. This extraordinary journey begins each morning from your hotel, and is finishing in your heart.

Prices for North Safari Self drive

Adults: 65 euros
Children: 50 euros (children between 4-12)
Private Jeep To privatize your jeep pay 35€ per empty seat. Ideal for families of 3 if you don't want to be split up or just like to have your own jeep.
Price includes VAT 24%, cars (Suzuki Jimny),
gasoline, pick up from your hotel West coast from Fanes to Rhodes - East coast from Rhodes to Kolimbia), insurance, public liability and professional staff.
In case of pick up from Archangelos and further South, the South Tour applies.

Rent a Jeep

Explore the island in your own Jeep. Rent an open Polaris or an airconditioned jeep to explore the beauty of Rhodes on your own. Visit little villages and points of interest. For off-roading and live the rural nature of the island, join us on a tour!

Inquire for prices and availability!

Insurance Policy

In case of a self-driving jeep safari the driver will sign a rent a car contract. On this contract there will the amount of 650 euros filled in at own risk. The customer will be charged a maximum of 650€, according to the damage, in case of an accident, only if it is his/her fault. This will be explained in the morning to every driver and every driver has to sign the contract. Also every customer is asked to sign a form which says the customer is at good health and joins the safari at own risk. Besides the regular car insurance, we also have Public Liability.

Self driving Jeep Safari

Driving through mountains, passing small villages, going through a riverbed, enjoy nature, taste original products and have lots of fun. Experience Rhodes off the beaten tracks. The perfect adventure for all ages. The friendly and unrushed atmosphere allows all guests to enjoy all aspects of Rhodes and its inhabitants. On this tour we use Suzuki Jimnys which the customers are allowed to drive themselves. Customers who would like to drive have to have their driving license for at least 2 years and need to be at least 21 years old. You have to have your license with you. Minimum number of guests is around 8 persons..

Program North Safari Self drive

  Start by being picked up at your hotel and drive through beautiful nature, fun off-roads and traditional villages to the Seven Springs. Walk the famous tiny tunnel, explore the springs or enjoy your coffee. Make the second scheduled stop in Archipoli for some food tastings. Taste a variety of different local products including various honeys, souma, olive oil, local sweets, and fresh seasonal fruits. The third stop will be at a little chappel where empty water bottles can be filled with spring water and final a great lunch and a dip in the Aegean Sea. (lunch is optional and not included in the price).


is the maximum altitude someone can reach on Rhodes Adventures Safari!


Km is the max distance of our safari tour on Rhodes!