Tours can be designed to be suitable for almost everybody or for the experienced hiker. Our goal is to have a beautiful and active day with partners, friends, colleagues and family. There will be sightseeing, hiking and history.

Program Hiking Filerimos

Hiking Filerimos is an example of an easy and pleasant hiking tour, suitable for most. We will walk the Filerimos by following a small path through the forest. Enjoy amazing views all along the way. You will have view over the west coast of the island, until even Rhodes City. Reaching the top we will have a picnic. You will get the opportunity to visit the monastery and we will visit and climb the famous Cross of the Acropolis of Ialysos. When everybody feels ready to go, we will start to decend. Most of the walk down the mountain will be through the forest and a little bit over the road, with a small stop at a little church on the edge of the mountain. The total tour is around 7 km and will take us a total time of approximately 4 hours.


Everybody with a normal health can do the tour. During the high season the tour will be in the afternoon, so good temperatures, shade and a beautiful sunset.




Distance Coverage

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